What is The Real Difference Between Intel i3, i5, and i7 Core Processor

Are you wondering on what is the difference between Intel i3, i5, and i7 core processor? Well, simply put, in general Core i7 i better than Core i5, while Core i5 is better than Core i3. In all, Core i7 is better than Core i3. Those numbers after the ā€œiā€ does not indicate that it has a certain number of cores. It does not mean that Core i7 has seven cores or that Core i5 has five cores. Those numbers simply tells us about their relative processing powers.
The relative levels of processing power also depend on the Intel Processor Star Ratings. This Intel Processor Star Ratings is based on some criteria, involving number of cores, clock speed (in GHz), the size of the cache, and also some new Intel Technologies such as Turbo Boots and Hyper-Threading.
As a comparison of Intel i3, i5, and i7 core processor, the Core i3 is rated with three stars, Core i5 has four star, while Core i7 has five star. The rating does not start in three all of a sudden, because Celeron is rated with one star, and Pentium is rated with two stars.
Remember that core processors can be divided into two groups, according on their target device, one is for laptop and the other one is for desktop. Every each one of them has its own characteristics. We will focus on the desktop variant. Also note that we will be focusing on 2nd generation Core of CPUs.
With more cores presented, there will be more tasks/threads that can be served at the same time. The smallest amount of cores can be found in Core i3 CPUs, having only two cores. Now, every Core i3 have dual-core processors. Core i5 processors, except the i5-661, are quad-cores. The i5-661 is the only dual-core processor with clock speed of 3.33 GHz. The i3-560 is also 3.33 GHz, but a lot cheaper than the i5-561.

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